I am an artist working on an active experimental basis using photography as my platform of expression. Gradually I am exploring other media and new technologies that combine video, sound, and installation. Although my work is visual, it embraces poetry and the nuance of space, light, and texture. I conceive my practice as a sensory/sensual creative system, where I cross dreams, darkness, light, landscape, distorted faces and bodies. The guiding stimulus for my work has been the theme of migration—a vehicle for my creative projects in general and the engine of my own personal transformation, from which I investigate topics that symbolize its ramification: memory, place, displacement, identity, cartography, fear, life, death and their interconnections. My work method is purely experimental. I investigate and constantly experiment in the topics and fields of my interest, as well as their possible connections. I am interested the place and surroundings have an influence on my work. I need to visually convey the fact that “place” is also an emotional state. The way I work is to seek new techniques, new technologies, and new paths for my creation, to tear down my own paradigms. I am interested in promoting a more social and participative function that engages society.